Hi, my name is Paula, I am 18 years old and from Germany. I once wanna work in the fashion industry and this is kind of the most inspirational place for me to go to without wasting money on books or spending my time googling new designers.
I'm happy about any followers and it's most likely that I follow you back as i guess you got the same interests as I do. Have fun reading my blog! <3

It’s fluffy and rose.

To begin with, this is the last apology I am making. As you may have missed my posts for about two months and people are actually showing interest as statistics and talks show, my new year’s resolution was: uploading the latest Uniquepaphotographs at…

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The most exquisite for the least!

A day of lectures is exhausting. With no offence towards the academics, but after three lectures with a one hour break in between and the strong feeling of just wanting to go outside to inhale the last sun beams, you feel worn out!

Though, yesterday I…

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If you don&#8217;t know your mission, you don&#8217;t know your position.With our means of telling, we can influence our environment to such an extent that others have…View Post

If you don’t know your mission, you don’t know your position.

With our means of telling, we can influence our environment to such an extent that others have…

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Is there something called incognito?

We may not have control of what our facial expressions look like when the lecturer tells us about the next coursework, but we do have the ability to decide upon our degree in terms of style and fashion accomplishment.

For a start, uni has pictured the…

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We are going Bold, we are going Prem.

It has been a saying by Miu Miu, Prada, Valentino, and all the other big stars on the fashion horizon, that patterns make your outfit bold. Personally I came into the taste of it just last summer. However, it seems to be a never ending topic now. The…

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